offers naturopathic consultations for a variety of conditions. Working one-on-one Jill Hoffman, ND, builds a program that takes into account your medical history and unique needs. Making positive, sustainable changes is a process and Jill will support your healing process however best suits you.

Jill Hoffman, ND, makes house-calls for adults of all ages of any health status – whether you’re dealing with a chronic condition or looking for a way to optimize your overall health and quality of life – Center City Naturopathic has something to offer everyone.
offers consultations for
many conditions, including:
• Chronic disease prevention, i.e. cardiovascular disease 
   including cholesterol and blood pressure regulation, diabetes, obesity,
   and stress management
• Colds and flu
• Digestive issues including constipation, IBS, IBD, heartburn and reflux
  disease, food allergies and sensitivities
• Metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance
• Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
• Weight loss
Please contact for scheduling and rates.

Note: In states where the naturopathic doctor (ND) license is recognized (Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and Washington, D.C.), the profession is regulated and NDs are licensed as primary care providers. Although Jill Hoffman is a licensed primary care physician in Arizona, in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, where the ND license is not recognized, she acts as a holistic health counselor. Naturopathic medicine provides alternatives as well as complements conventional medical treatment and Jill Hoffman is available to work in tandem with your primary care and specialist physicians to coordinate treatment recommendations.